Jiangxi Air applies to start international operations

Chinese LCC Jiangxi Air has applied to China’s civil aviation authorities for a certificate that would permit them to fly on international routes. China’s aviation authorities have exposed the fact that the Nanchang-based airline wishes to fly to Hong Kong, Taiwan and neighbouring countries. Jiangxi operates 10 Boeing 737-800s, 2 Comac ARJ21s and has 33 […]

Wizz Air takes legal action against Ryanair over Buzz

Wizz Air has taken legal action against Ryanair over the name of its Polish subsidiary, Buzz, declaring the name “Buzz” is similar to “Wizz”. As an interim injunction, a Hungarian court has decided to Buzz’s operation in Hungary, where Wizz is based, but Ryanair has announced that it would appeal against this. The suspension of […]

Canada’s 2nd start-up of the year: OWG

The 2nd Canadian start-up of the year, OWG, will soon start operations. The Quebec-based start-up, a subsidiary of Nolinor Air, will offer flights to the Caribbean using Boeing 737-400s. Nolinor Airlines decided to create OWG to enter the tourist market (wrong time to do it), as it literally only flies in Canada’s Far North. Nolinor […]

The Big Threes’ ARJ21s have entered service

Seeing 3 Comac ARJ21s belonging to China’s 3 biggest airlines (China Eastern, China Southern and Air China) parked side by side is definitely an impressive sight. Not only does this mark an incredible moment in the history of Chinese aviation, but also a success for Comac, who came from nowhere and is now rapidly climbing […]

Air France plans to cut 7500 jobs

Air France has announced that it is planning to cut a total of 7500 jobs over the next 3 years. Although mainly affecting employees working at Air France, these cuts will also be targeted at HOP (a subsidiary of Air France that flies short-haul routes throughout Europe) employees. But, the airline also proposes its staff […]

ATR to cut production by 50%

ATR, a French-Italian airplane manufacturer, has announced that it is going to cut its regional airliner production by 50%. On top of this, ATR has also decided to get rid of 204 employees. This does not come as a surprise, because it only delivered 67 planes last year. Airbus and Boeing have also suffered from […]

TAP Portugal will be re-nationalised

TAP Portugal will be taken over by the Portugese government to stop it from going bankrupt. Although the government already owns 50% of the airline, it will invest a total of €55 million in the company, which will permit it to increase its stake to 72.5%. The economic consequences of this crisis on the aviation […]

Norwegian cancels 737 MAX and 787-9 orders

Norwegian Air Shuttle has canceled its orders for 92 Boeing 737 MAX and 5 787-9s. These aircraft have been having recurring engine failures, and is why the airline is in discussions with Boeing for a compensation. The weak reputation of the 737 MAX and the repeated failure of the 787-9s Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines led […]

LIAT to be liquidated

Gaston Browne, the President of Antigua and Barbuda, announced on Saturday that Caribbean airline LIAT is going to be liquidated. An unprofitable 2019 and the coronavirus are the reasons behind this decision. He also said during an interview on local radio that LIAT might be formed into a new airline in Antigua, as it is […]

737 MAX recertification flights have begun today

The flights that are being conducted to see if the 737 MAX can be recertified have begun today. Normally, the process should take 3 days. Boeing has already completed over 1000 test and production flights to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy. The recertification flights will take place over Washington State in the USA and […]

Bain Capital takes Virgin Australia

Bain Capital has won the bid to buy Virgin Australia. Earlier today, Cyrus Capital Partners withdrew from the bidding process, declaring that Virgin Australia’s administrators “lacked engagement”. I thought that Cyrus Capital Partners would have won, as they have more experience in the aviation industry than Bain. But, there are several big reasons why Bain […]

LOT to launch 13 new routes to Croatia

LOT, the flag carrier of Poland, is going to launch 13 new routes to Croatia as well as a new service to Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) this summer. The new routes to Croatia are listed in the table below (launch dates are indicated on the right): New Routes Lublin – Split JUL 03 Gdansk […]

First landing of F-35s on the HMS Queen Elizabeth

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin F-35 IIs from the Dambusters squadron landed on the decks of HMS Elizabeth. This marks the 1st time that the Dambusters, also called 617 Squadron, has fully joined HMS Elizabeth, as the UK is preparing to deploy the next generation squadron of fighter aircraft. There are 3 versions of the Lockheed Martin […]

Lufthansa will shut down SunExpress Deutschland

SunExpress Deutschland will be shut down by Lufthansa in 3 days time. The subsidiary of Turkish-German leisure airline SunExpress, a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, has a fleet of 20 aircraft and flies to 48 destinations. 1200 employees work for SunExpress Deutschland and solutions are being developed to see that everything goes fine […]