Boeing 737 MAX production stopped

Boeing has stopped producing its latest plane, the 737 MAX, due to several reasons. The most important one, is because of two major crashes involving the 737 MAX, which costed 346 people their lives (see one of my previous articles for more information about the Ethiopian Airlines crash), leading to the grounding of the plane model. The Boeing 737 MAX is being produced in the Boeing Renton Factory, where the Boeing 737 Next Generation series is also being produced. Almost 100 737 MAX fuselages are sitting in a Boeing partner factory in Wichita, Kansas waiting to be assembled with the other parts of the plane. Now all those fuselages are useless! The FAA (the Federal Aviation Administration, in the USA) is currently verifying the airworthiness of the plane model. As of the beginning of December 2019, 400 aircraft are awaiting delivery to customers. The 737 MAX has not only been the cause of such a large number of deaths, but it has also let down many of its future customers, such as Ethiopian Airlines, who had ordered 42 of the type. I have my own personal insights about this subject, and the domain of plane crashes, but one that I wish to share is that I would not get on any planes that are currently being produced in large numbers, such as the Airbus A320neo family, the Boeing 737 MAX family and also the Boeing 787, as they all have numerous technical problems. One of the main reasons for these technical problems is the useless and dangerous use of modern (21st century) computer technology, intended to reduce a pilot’s workload, at a great cost ; in lives and in money. 22nd of December 2019


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