Will plane technology continue to develop?

Throughout the past couple of years, planes have more or less stayed the same, apart from a couple of exceptions. A lot of specialists in the domain of aviation now believe that commercial planes have reached their limit (technologically). They are fast, have a high MTOW (Maximum takeoff weight) and have a good rate of climb. But there is still one big problem that modern airliners need to overcome. That problem is pollution. I am NOT a climate change activist and I have my own personal opinion about this subject. But a lot of governments from around the world are advising people to stop taking the plane and use the train or a bike instead. There are many problems with these other types of transport, though. Trains are not as ecological as they seem, as the electricity that powers them is produced using coal, which is also highly polluting and toxic. An enormous amount of that electricity is lost during its journey across the national electricity grid, proving to be a great waste of money and energy. Bikes, on the other hand, are much more efficient than planes and trains, but they are slow and cannot sustain travelling over long distances. Electric bikes are slightly better than normal bikes, as they are faster, but they are not and will not be a long term solution for people who wish to travel long distances, and in a certain amount of comfort with a reasonable quantity of personal belongings. Since the beginning of the 21st Century, though, more and more economical and ecological plane concepts are being created per month. For example, there is the Electravia MC15E Cri-Cri, a French light aircraft powered by 2 * 25 hectopascal ( a pressure unit used when talking about combustion in physics ) Electravia GMPE-104 electric motors. Using lithium polymer batteries, it has set two world speed records at the Paris Air Show. One in 2010: 163mph ( miles per hour ) and one in 2011: 176mph. The Slovenian company Pipistrel ( don’t laugh, it’s true !) is one of the market leaders in this new sector of general aviation, as well as an Austrian aircraft manufacturer called Diamond. Pressure emitted by planes that posses one or several electric motor/motors is usually measure in kw (kilowatts). Sadly, there are very few commercial planes that use electric motors, as they are not yet powerful enough. We still do not know whether these newly powered planes are going to be successful or not. Let’s hope so, and in the mean time, let’s defend the aviation industry from the brutal attacks that certain people and organisations give it. Thanks to the aviation industry, many countries have a massive tourist industry! Here are some links that I recommend you to go and have a look at: https://www.pipistrel-aircraft.com/ and https://www.diamondaircraft.com/en/ . 25th of January 2020.


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