British Airways suspends flights to mainland China due to coronavirus

British Airways, along with several other European Airlines such as Swiss and Lufthansa, has suspended flights to mainland China 2 days ago, due to coronavirus, a dangerous respiratory disease. Delta and United Airlines (two major airlines based in the USA) will also reduce their number of flights to mainland China. Kazakhstan is planning to stop issuing visas to Chinese nationals, adding to the bad impression that China is giving of itself to the rest of the world. This is like a really bad nightmare for the Chinese aviation industry, as nobody is going to want to fly there now. All of this is going on just as the UK silently leaves the European Union, after 3.5 years of pointless negotiations. Now suddenly no longer on the headlines, Brexit has been the “toil, tears and sweat” of all the Brits who voted to leave the EU in June 2016. Now let’s hope that we can move on to more serious matters, such as resolving the Flybe ( a British airline currently in extreme financial difficulty ) case and trying to rebuild the British aviation industry after the loss of numerous big airlines, such as Thomas Cook in 2019 and Monarch in 2017. The British aviation industry has suffered endlessly these past 5 years, probably due to over flooding in the market and the devaluing of the British Pound. These problems must be resolved soon … but first, let’s celebrate, because today, at 11:00 pm UK time, we will leave the EU ! For more info about Brexit go on . 31st January 2020

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