Is flying a unique experience for you or is it simply something common ?

For me, when I go on a flight, every single time it’s different. Sometimes it’s long and the food is nice and of good quality. Other times it’s short, cheap and boring. Maybe for you its something normal, flying, as you do it every day on your way to work. Of course, during this unique period, nobody can fly, but hopefully the aviation industry will take off again, and life will go back to normal. Sadly, some things will never change. Many airlines are in financial difficulties now, and most airlines in the world will be bankrupt by the end of May. These are bad, sad times indeed. But instead of thinking about what’s going on now, let’s think of the good old times. Are you one of the lucky people who got to fly on the Douglas DC-8 or on the Boeing 707 ? If not, have you crossed Asia and the Indian Ocean on your way to Australia in an Airbus A380 ? Or maybe you’re a pilot, gazing at the dark and mystical horizon on your way to Bangkok in an Airbus A350 XWB ? Whatever adventures you have lived (to do with planes and the aviation industry, of course), please share them with Aeronews24. We are pleased to serve the aviation industry and will continue to write articles for it, whether there are no flights or not. McCloud. 16th of April 2020.


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