Southwest becomes the world’s biggest airline

Today, Southwest Airlines, an American airline headquartered in Dallas, in the American State of Texas, has become the world’s biggest airline. It has overtaken American Airlines, the former biggest airline in the world. The airline has a fleet of 742 planes, all of them being Boeing 737’s (I am going to be writing about this plane model in my next article). Even if there’s the coronavirus, the airline still manages to have a weekly capacity of 4.1 million passengers! Southeast Asian airlines Lion Air (the flag carrier of Indonesia) and All Nippon Airways (the biggest airline in Japan[but it isn’t the flag carrier]) are taking the places of IndiGo (an Indian low-cost airline) and Ryanair (an Irish low-cost airline) in the 0.71 million to 1 million passengers a week market. This is the first bad news we’ve seen for a over a decade in the low-cost market. It seems to me that Southeast Asia’s aviation industry is ready to boom whereas Europe’s and America’s are about to tumble from the Niagara Falls (that part was a bit of a joke, but it is true that Europe and America are no longer leading the way here)! So, in short, bad news for every country that’s on lockdown and severely effected by the coronavirus, and good news for those who aren’t and who have already recommenced normal life. 17th of April 2020.

Southwest Airlines Will Begin Flights To Hawaii In 2018 - DWYM
Hurrah for Southwest!


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