Jet fuel chart of the past 5 years

I am not a commodities trader, even though I have a bit of basic knowledge about how the market works, but this 5 year chart that I found on worries me. It looks like jet fuel was fine until the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but now it has literally lost half of its value (the chart represents the price of a gallon of jet fuel in dollars from March 2015 to March 2020). If you want to go on the page where I found the chart, just click on this link: . The main causes for this rapid descent in the price of jet fuel are the coronavirus, airline bankruptcies, governments defaulting on their debts (not directly effecting jet fuel but having an enormous impact on the economy) ,currencies being devalued and in general, ongoing mayhem. My guess is that many people don’t have confidence in jet fuel anymore, so they have stopped investing money in it. On a short term basis that’s safe, but if the price of jet fuel goes back, the people who pulled out of the market too quickly are going to be taken by the tide. 18th of April 2020


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