Boeing 737 (part 1)

Today I am going to write about the Boeing 737 Original generation, the 1st of 4 Boeing 737 generations, going from the Original to the Max. The Original generation encompasses 3 models: the 737-100, the 727-200 and the 737-200 Advanced. The Boeing 737 started to be produced in 1966, around the same time as the Boeing 727. The Original generation used 2 low-bypass Pratt & Whitney JT8Ds unlike later models, belonging to other generations, that were fitted with 2 high-bypass CFM International (a company made up of GE Aviation and Safran Aircraft Engines [a French engine maker]) CFM56s instead. The 737-100 was first launched with Lufthansa (the German flag carrier) in February 1968. A total of 30 737-100 were ordered and delivered. It seated 115 passengers and had a length of 29 meters. The 737-200 was launched with United Airlines (the 4th biggest airline in the USA) in April 1968. This model was more popular than the 737-100 and 1114 were sold, including all the different types of the 737-200. There were many different types of the 737-200, including a convertible model (a plane that can be used to transport passengers and cargo [sometimes the seats are just folded to make space for the cargo]), the 737-200C. The 737-200 had a length of 30.5 meters. The 737-200 Advanced was an improved version of the 737-200 that was launched with All Nippon Airways in 1971. It had engines that were more powerful than those of the 737-100 and -200, a higher fuel capacity and a longer range. In general, the Original generation was successful and was popular with many airlines across the world, especially in Canada and the USA. On some 737-200s there was a gravel kit, permitting it to operate in Northern Canada, where many runways were and still are made out of gravel, making it popular with airlines like Air North and Canadian North. Thank you for reading the 1st part of my series on the Boeing 737. McCloud. 23rd of April 2020.

Lufthansa 737-100 in flight
A Boeing 737-100 operated by Lufthansa (the German flag carrier).
A Boeing 737-200 operated by United Airlines (the 4th biggest American airline).

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