Avianca has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Avianca (a Colombian airline), Latin America’s 2nd biggest airline, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the USA. The airline will continue to fly once South American airspaces will have reopened. Avianca is one of the world’s oldest airlines, as it has been operating since 1919. On top of that, it has 10 subsidiaries (Avianca Brazil ceased operations last year), such as Avianca Costa Rica, Avianca Guatemala and Avianca Nicaragua. Losing it would not only be sad but also a proof that not even giants can survive. This is the 2nd airline bankruptcy due to the coronavirus. I’m sure that there will be many more coming… 12th of May 2020.

Avianca Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
Desde 1919; this is very BAD news.

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