Swiss has 6 new destinations from Geneva Airport

Swiss International Airlines (the flag carrier of Switzerland) will soon start flying to 6 new destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia from Geneva Airport. These are: Ponta Delgada (22nd of June), Antalya (26th of June), Dubrovnik (4th of July), Menorca (4th of July), Djerba (4th of July) and Rhodes (5th of July). This is good news, as it doesn’t seem like Swiss is going to stop flying to destinations that are outside the EU and Schengen. But, be prepared for a last minute change of plans. You never know… Currently, people cannot fly into Switzerland unless they are Swiss citizens or from Liechtenstein. People who are travelling through Switzerland to another country that has opened its borders are allowed to come into the country, as well as people who have a cross-border commuter permit and who also have a C-Visa or a D-Visa (issued by the Swiss government) or have assurance of a residence permit. For the last 3 possibilities it can depend on how important your work and what your reason is for entering the country. I must admit that all these new rules are quite complex and that knowing whether you have the right to enter a certain country or not is a pain. 15th of May 2020.

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