How do rich people travel?

Many people ask themselves how rich people get around. Do they travel on commercial jets with other people? Do they travel by train because it’s more ecological? Well, the truth is, is that they fly on private jets. It may seem like a dumb subject to write about, but it isn’t. It is VERY important to know about how others travel. In poor countries, you’ll be lucky to fly at all. Short runways, poor infrastructure and unfavourable weather conditions all make it hard to fly. In countries that are rich, not only is it difficult to travel at an affordable price, but it is also impossible to live, due to endless taxes. That is why people go to Dubai: 0 taxes. Somewhere in the middle, there are countries where travelling is moderately cheap and the living cost isn’t too high. These are countries like Spain, France and Ireland. Of course, there are many countries in Asia where travelling was expensive before, but is getting cheaper now. An interesting observation that can be made is that rich people mainly travel with other rich people. Whether it is for business, luxury or just for fun, you rarely find millionaires flying on EasyJet. This is almost natural behaviour: if you have the money, you soar through the sky like a god; if you don’t, you walk or drive a 20 year old car. This is clearly an unfair situation. There are swarms of people out there who would die to be able to go to a sunny beach in Thailand, but can’t, as their financial situation only permits them to go as far as Bognor Regis. Anyway, if you have a Learjet, a Gulfstream or a Cessna Citation, consider yourself lucky, because 99% of the world doesn’t. The coronavirus has been deadly, and many countries will be reduced to rubble (just joking, but it is true that many countries are now in BIG trouble), but I advise everybody to work hard in these difficulty times, because even though it may not seem like things are working out well, all your efforts will be worthwile. Puritas, Veritas, Probitas. McCloud. 17th of May 2020.

Travelling comfortably is not easy for about 85% of the world.

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