Air Ticino: a revival of the dying Swiss aviation industry ?

Air Ticino is a Swiss start-up that is supposed to start operations at the end of this year. The Swiss aviation industry has not been doing well recently, so the coming of Air Ticino would be gladly welcomed. With the bankruptcies of Belair, Darwin Airlines, Adria Airways, PrivatAir and Sky Work Airlines in the past 3 years, it cannot be said that things have been going well. On top of this, LASA, the company that owns Lugano Airport (Lugano is a city in the Italian speaking part of southern Switzerland), has recently announced that it is planning to liquidate itself due to the negative effects of the coronavirus on air travel, therefore closing down Lugano Airport. Lugano is the only city in the canton of Ticino that has an airport capable of operating commercial flights, so if Air Ticino manages to take-off, it will be flying out of Lugano Airport. Air Ticino was founded by Diego Zanoni, using former Darwin Airlines (a Swiss airline owned by Adria Airways that ceased operations in December 2017 due to bankruptcy) employees. There are 2 big questions that remain for the Ticino-based airline: From which airport will it fly out of if Lugano Airport closes down? Will it manage to commence operations? There are always mysteries with start-ups, as we have seen with Air Alderney. 18th of May 2020.

Good news for the Swiss aviation industry ?

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