Images of the Boeing 777x:

As everybody knows, the Boeing 777x is a beautiful plane. It has foldable wings, a stunning interior and is simply luxurious. I don’t know how much a flight on it would cost! Here are some images of the Boeing 777x:

Boeing's New 777X Designs Intensify the Race for Space on ...
I don’t like the dim lights and the interior here looks all too gloomy. Tacky seats with a micro-sized headrest.
Breathtaking video of Boeing 777X VIP interior - Airline ...
This is a VIP lounge. Great, compfy looking sofa but the ceiling that is a mirror at the same time is all a bit too much for me. Who’s paying for this?!
Boeing 777X Flight Deck Reveal | Havayolu 101
In short, there aren’t any dials anymore, everything has been computerised and all the pilots can be fired (just joking).
Boeing Announces 777X Cabin Interior Features | | Aircraft ...
Just look at those wings ! Otto Lilienthal’s dream of flying like a bird has come true ! The GE9X engines are enormous.
Boeing 777x Onboard Lounge and Bar | Aircraft interiors ...
A flying jazz lounge with some herbs added for Peter Rabbit. Same spa-like blue lights, as always.
Inside Boeing's amazingly opulent £300 million 777X long ...
If people are concerned about wasting money, look at all that electricity being wasted up here. I’ll never fly again.

Thank you for looking at these images. If you wish to comment about them and give your own opinion, please write something in the comments section below. McCloud, 22nd of May 2020.


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