Delta is going to retire all of its “Mad Dogs” on the 2nd of June

Delta Airlines is going to retire all of its McDonnell Douglas MD-88s and-90s on the 2nd of June. The “Mad Dogs” will soon be finishing their service in the aviation industry, as no operators of the MD-90 will remain after Delta retires theirs and there will only be one operator of the MD-88, Taban Air (an Iranian airline). On the other hand, a total of 148 Boeing 717s (originally the MD-95), will continue to stay in operation with 4 different airlines, including Delta. As of April this year, 6 MD-81s, 57 MD-82s, 67 MD-83s, 16 MD-87s, 29 MD-88s and 20 MD-90s are in service with 40 operators. Delta possesses all 20 MD-90s and 24 of the 29 MD-88s, Taban Air being the operator of the other 5. The reason for the retirement of Delta’s “Mad Dogs” is due to heavy maintenance costs and fuel-inefficiency. I never got to fly on one, and I probably never will. How were your experiences on “Mad Dogs”? Do you think that it is ridiculous that Delta is retiring them? Or do believe that it is a good move? If you wish to express you opinion, please write a comment at the boottom of this post. McCloud, 30th of May 2020.

So long, Mad Dogs. We aerogeeks will miss you.

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