Jet2 has sold its logistics business

Dart Group, the parent company of Jet2 (a UK low-cost airline mainly based at Leeds Bradford Airport), has sold its sister logistics group to investor Culina Group (the UK’s leading food and drink logistics provider). The airline has suspended all operations since mid-March due to the coronavirus crisis. The divestment of Fowler Welch (another UK logistics company) in the airline will mean that Jet2 will now be uniquely concentrating on its airline operations. Jet2 was founded in 1978 as Channel Express, before changing its name to Jet2 in 2006. Not only does the airline have a total of 9 operating bases in the UK and 2 in Spain (Mallorca and Tenerife South) but it also has a fleet of 92 aircraft and 82 destinations. Out of its fleet of 92 planes, 74 are Boeing 737-800s, 9 are Boeing 757-200s, 8 are 737-300s and 1 is an Airbus A321-200. The airline is currently waiting for 6 more former Airbus A321s from Condor (a German leisure airline that was a subsidiary of Thomas Cook Group Airlines; now it is an independent airline) and Thomas Cook Airlines (a UK charter airline that ceased operations last year) as well as 1 Boeing 737-800 from Jet Airways. Jet2 is currently Europe’s 16th biggest airline, coming just after Finnair and it is also the 3rd largest scheduled airline in the UK, after British Airways and Easyjet. 1st of June 2020.

Jet2 has sold its logistics business.

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