LOT to launch 13 new routes to Croatia

LOT, the flag carrier of Poland, is going to launch 13 new routes to Croatia as well as a new service to Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) this summer. The new routes to Croatia are listed in the table below (launch dates are indicated on the right):

New Routes
Lublin – SplitJUL 03
Gdansk – ZadarJUL 03
Wroclaw – DubrovnikJUL 04
Budapest – DubrovnikJUL 04
Bydgoszcz – ZadarJUL 04
Rzeszow – ZadarJUL 04
Katowice – SplitJUL 05
Poznan – DubrovnikJUL 05
Poznan – SplitJUL 06
Krakow – ZadarJUL 07
Gdansk – DubrovnikJUL 07
Gdansk – SplitJUL 08
Szczecin – ZadarJUL 09
Poznan – PodgoricaJUL 09

LOT currently flies to nearly 120 different destinations and has a 49% stake in Nordica, the flag carrier of Estonia. 25th of June 2020.

LOT Polish Airlines Ilyushin IL-62 SP-LAD Shannon July ...
A LOT Ilyushin IL-62.

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