The 3 biggest airlines in China receive their 1st COMAC ARJ21s

Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines (the 3 biggest airlines in China) have received their 1st COMAC ARJ21s. Currently, Chengdu Airlines is the largest operator of the 90-seater (the ARJ21 has 90 seats), with 32 aircraft (see my article entitled “China Express Airlines orders 100 COMAC aircraft” for more details about ARJ21 orders and deliveries). The big three have ordered a total of 35 ARJ21s each. The ARJ21 will compete against the Embraer E-Jet E2 series, as they have approximately the same number of passengers. What will be interesting to see, will be whether the ARJ21 will have any success in the European market and vice versa. Personally, I do not think that Europe and Asia are ready to do that, especially considering that the FAA (the Federal Aviation Administration, which is the government body in the USA that regulates all aspects of civil aviation) and EASA (the FAA of the European Union) have not certified the aircraft for use. 29th of June 2020.


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