Easyjet to potentially close hubs at Newcastle, Stansted and Southend

Easyjet could potentially close its hubs at Newcastle, Stansted and Southend due to the coronavirus. This is part of a massive restructuration plan that includes the possible layoff of 5000 employees, which is 30% of its workforce. For the moment, the airline flies to a total of 8 destinations out of Newcastle (as well as 6 seasonal destinations), 14 out of Stansted (as well as 13 seasonal) and 9 out of Southend (as well as 12 seasonal). If Easyjet were to close its hub at Newcastle, it would leave Jet2, TUI, Loganair and Ryanair as the only 4 airlines to have a hub at the airport. Some sources do not consider Stansted as an Easyjet hub, but more as one of the airlines’ focus cities. Stansted is the 4th biggest airport in the UK, as well as Ryanair’s biggest base, so leaving it would mean that Ryanair will have very little competition at Stansted… Ryanair flies to over 100 different destinations from Stansted alone. Southend is only a middle-sized airport, so there is not a lot to worry about if Easyjet shuts down its base there. It looks like Ryanair may have a chance to take possession of a big part of the European low-cost market without any obstruction whatsoever. 30th of June 2020.

easyJet introduces 6 routes to Croatia | Croatia Week

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