Air France plans to cut 7500 jobs

Air France has announced that it is planning to cut a total of 7500 jobs over the next 3 years. Although mainly affecting employees working at Air France, these cuts will also be targeted at HOP (a subsidiary of Air France that flies short-haul routes throughout Europe) employees. But, the airline also proposes its staff to leave voluntarily, which I’m sure they’ll be glad to do (/s). Even with a 41000-strong workforce, 7500 jobs is an enormous loss. Air France’s revenue fell by 95% during the heart of the crisis, and apparently, it was losing €15 million per day. One thing remains mysterious in this financial debacle: will these cuts affect KLM employees, considering that Air France has a majority stake in the airline? This group status has always been a bit of mish-mash, because the Dutch government was loaning money to KLM in May, and the French one to Air France, meaning that the group is actually made up of 2 separate entities. So what is the majority stake about? I will leave that question for you, my readers. 4th of July 2020.

transpress nz: Air France poster, 1936

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