Canada’s 2nd start-up of the year: OWG

The 2nd Canadian start-up of the year, OWG, will soon start operations. The Quebec-based start-up, a subsidiary of Nolinor Air, will offer flights to the Caribbean using Boeing 737-400s. Nolinor Airlines decided to create OWG to enter the tourist market (wrong time to do it), as it literally only flies in Canada’s Far North. Nolinor has invested millions in this project, and OWG President Marc Prud’homme seems very motivated:“The flight portion of your trip should be an integral part of your vacation. Traditional airlines have chosen to cut the quality of their services year after year with no regard for the passenger experience. Our goal is to win the hearts of Quebecers with a new airline whose mission is to get travellers excited again.” He is completely right. Airlines these days will do anything for a buck, whether it be ruining the service, lowering the food quality or even asking passengers to pay for food on top of the flight. These travelling disappointments do not contribute to a passenger’s will to get on board and fly… on the contrary. If OWG offers cheap flights and has a good service, it could have discovered a new niche in the market, though selling cheap tickets is clearly not profitable, especially now. Higher standards of flying have been missing from the industry for a long time, and many people would love for it to come back. 7th of July 2020.

Nolinor Eyes The South With Startup Airline OWG - The ...

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