Wizz Air temporarily suspends over a dozen routes in Ex-Yougoslavia

Wizz Air has temporarily suspended over a dozen routes in Yougoslavia due to low demand and new coronavirus measures. Here is the list of its suspended routes:

From its base in Skopje (the capital of Macedonia), it has suspended these routes: Malta (until the 4th of August), Milan (until the 5th of August), Salzburg and Hanover (until the 17th of August), Larnaca and Bremen (until the 19th of August) and Bratislava and Barcelona (until the 20th of August). On top of this, flights to Budapest will be suspended by the end of this week until the 19th of August.

From its base in Ohrid (a city in Northern Macedonia), it has suspended flights to Malmo (until the 3rd of August) and Milan (until the 19th of August).

From Belgrade, the airline has suspended flights to Larnaca (until the 2nd of August) and Malta and Salzburg (until the 3rd of August).

From Tuzla (a city in Bosnia), Wizz Air has suspended flights to: Vienna (until the 15th of September) and Salzburg (until the 17th of September). The Sarajevo-Budapest route is expected to be suspended at the end of this week and to resume the 17th of August. On the other hand, its new route to Milan is expected to launch this Saturday. This is not the complete list of Wizz Air flight suspensions, but I can tell you that following Austria’s ban on air traffic from certain countries, most Wizz Air routes to and from Vienna are affected. How can anybody make money these days? 15th of July 2020.


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