Embraer’s 1st half 2020 deliveries fall by over 50% to 31 aircraft

During the 1st half of 2020, Embraer delivered a total of 31 aircraft, which is a decrease of over 50% in comparison to last year’s 1st half deliveries. The Brazilian plane manufacturer attributes this weak performance to the negative effects of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. Out of the 31 aircraft delivered during the 1st half of this year, only 9 were commercial jets, of which there were 5 Embraer 175s, 3 Embraer E190-E2s (next generation Embraer E-Jets) and 1 E195-E2. The other 22 aircraft were all executive jets (which is a good market indicator). For Q2, Embraer delivered 17 aircraft (out of which 4 were commercial jets), down from 51 last year. 20th of July 2020.

Jet Airlines: Embraer E-190

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