New German start-up: Lübeck Air

A new German start-up, Lübeck Air, will be starting operations next week. As its name indicates, the airline will be based at Lübeck Airport. Lübeck Air is actually a brand name for Danish charter airline Air Alsie, who will be operating from Lübeck Airport under the name of Lübeck Air. Lübeck Air will be beginning flights on the 17th of August from Lübeck Airport to Stuttgart and Munich. Lübeck Air was founded in 2016, 2 years after Lübeck Airport filed for bankruptcy and in the same year that the last scheduled flight from the airport took place. Many airlines saw the airport’s future as uncertain, as it filed for bankruptcy, such as Ryanair (who started new routes from Hamburg instead) and Wizz Air, which is why they stopped flying from there. Lübeck Air flights will be operated by an ATR 72-500. The airport is owned by PuRen Germany GmbH, subsidiary of Chinese PuRen Group, to whom it was sold in 2015. 10th of August 2020.

Lübeck Air: A New German Regional Carrier – Aeronautics

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