Easyjet to close Stansted, Southend and Newcastle bases

Easyjet will close its bases at Newcastle, Southend and Stansted from September 1st. The closure will put 670 jobs at risk. Although all flights in and out of Southend will be terminated as of September 1st, there will still be certain inbound (and outbound) flights to Stansted and Newcastle. From Stansted, Easyjet will continue to fly some routes to Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands and from Newcastle, flights to Nice, Bristol and Belfast will not be terminated. The closure is mainly due to the coronavirus and its negative effect on the aviation industry. Up to 5000 Easyjet jobs have been lost and 6000 employees have applied for voluntary redundancies. Bosses wish to axe another 12000 jobs and cut the salary of the remaining 36000. 17th of August 2020.


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