Trebijne Airport site selected, 1st flight to occur in December 2021

The site where Trebijne Airport is going to be constructed has been selected. Trebijne Airport (an airport in the Republica Srpska, 1 of 2 entities in Bosnia & Herzegovina, where the majority of the Serbian population in the country lives) will have its construction partially funded by the Serbian government.

Trebijne Airport will be constructed near the village of Mionici, which is around 10 kilometers away from Trebijne. The airport will have a 3.5 km long runway, several taxiways whose total length will measure around 4.5 km and a 7000 square meter terminal building. Developers and representants of the Serbian transport and construction ministry will meet once a month to discuss the exact location of the runway and the architectural precisions of the airport. Several other ministries, such as Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate, will also take part in the discussions. The Serbian government has previously announced that it is willing to spend a sum of €55 million for the airport’s construction.

According to the Serbian minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic, the first planes should be able to take off from the airport by 2022, but other sources say that the first flight (which will be to Belgrade) will occur in December 2021. 6th of August 2020.

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