Boeing Australia tests engines on the 1st Loyal Wingman aircraft

Boeing Australia has tested the engine of its Loyal Wingman project (the 1st Australian military aircraft made in 50 years), in preparation for ground testing and its 1st flight. The unmanned military aircraft is to take off later on this year. Dr Shane Arnott, the director of the Loyal Wingman project, has announced: “This engine run gets us closer toward flying the first aircraft later this year and was successful thanks to the collaboration and dedication of our team. We’ve been able to select a very light, off-the-shelf jet engine for the unmanned system as a result of the advanced manufacturing technologies applied to the aircraft.” Even though there is a lot of hype about this engine, what type is it? I don’t believe any sources have talked about the engine type (Dear Readers, please prove me wrong by writing a comment). ‘Loyal Wingman’ is one of many incredible aircraft projects that are going on this year, such as the all-electric Cessna 208 eCaravan, the Cessna 408 Sky Courier and the Lockheed Martin F-35 II. I have confidence that, no matter how much the airline industry has been destroyed this year, some positive things will flood it in the next few months, and that several of the start-ups that were founded this year will succeed. 16th of September 2020.

The Loyal Wingman prototype

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