Royal Australian Air Force receives its 30th F-35A

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has received its 30th Lockheed Martin II F-35 A (Conventional Takeoff and Landing version) after the termination of Exercise Lightning Storm (a series of tests performed by the RAAF to test the capabilities of the F-35 A and its capacities to function with other aircraft, such as the KC-30 Tanker in aerial refuelling) 20 days ago. The delivery of this aircraft marks the importance of the relationship between the RAAF and Lockheed Martin. Director General Joint Strike Fighter Branch Air Commodore Damien Keddie has announced:“I am proud of the way the team has come together, particularly during the global pandemic, to find innovative solutions to issues that may otherwise have prevented us reaching 30 aircraft in the fleet.” Currently, there are over 340 F-35s operating with different air forces around the world. The RAAF is to purchase another 72 F-35s over the next years as part of a program to replace its F-18 Hornets, which have served Australia since 1985. 25th of September 2020.


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