Last Airbus A380 assembled at Toulouse factory

The last Airbus A380 has been assembled at Airbus’ aircraft assembly unit in Toulouse, France (Toulouse is an assembly unit for the A380, the A320 , A330 and A350 families). It was announced last year that Airbus would discontinue the production of the aircraft as of 2021, but this date has been moved forward. Since the Airbus A380’s 1st delivery to Singapore Airlines in 2007, 242 aircraft have been delivered and 9 are to be delivered, 8 of which will go to Emirates and 1 of which will go to All Nippon Airways (ANA). Station 40 of the A380 assembly unit has now been permanently closed as the last aircraft moves through the examination and construction procedures before its entry in service with Emirates. The Airbus A380 was expected to have sold around 1200, which is approximately 6 times how many aircraft have been produced. 70 orders for the aircraft were cancelled in 2019 as well as 2 in 2017.

I personally have no mercy for this gigantic man-made tsunami. It is hardly a beautiful aircraft and I don’t see why anybody would want to go on it. From a technological point of view, it is an astounding success, but morally, for me, it is too much to take in. What do you think about the Airbus A380? Do you think it’s the Zarathustra of the 21st century, or a reincarnation of the Irish Banshee (exageration)? Do you agree to its construction for the fact that it helps connect the world and reduces flight time or do you think it has a too negative impact on our environment to be allowed to fly? If you wish to express yourself, please inscribe a comment below. 26th of September 2020.

One of the last 8 A380s to go to Emirates.

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