Middle East Airlines receives 10’000th Airbus A320 family aircraft

Middle East Airlines (MEA, the flag carrier of Lebanon), has recieved the 10’000th Airbus A320 family aircraft. The aircraft, an Airbus A321neo (registered T7-ME3), brings the fleet size to 19 aircraft, all of which are Airbuses. MEA already recieved its first 2 Airbus A321neos in July this year, and they have a configuration of 28 Business Class seats and 132 Economy Class seats. The airline will have another 6 A321neos delivered in the next few months. The delivery of the aircraft is perfectly timed with the airline’s 75th anniversary. This is a sign that Boeing’s days are outnumbered: nobody, apart from Ryanair, is willing to buy the Boeing 737 MAX (exageration) and Boeing’s aircraft all around the world are being retired (mainly the Boeing 747, but also the Boeing 777). 10th of October 2020.

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