Aircraft of the week:

A Boeing 737-400 or 737-400F (the Boeing 737 Classic generation is powered by 2 CFM56s), aircraft 9G-AGL for Air Ghana has been on 4 different continents with a total of 5 different airlines. Delivered to Solomon Airlines (the flag carrier of the Solomon Islands) in April 1992 with registration number H4-SOL (SOL probably signifying Solomon Islands) under a lease, the aircraft remained in service with the airline until June 1994, when it got transferred to Qantas (the flag carrier of Australia). It was renamed VH-TJV and remained with Qantas until it was withdrawn from service in February 2004. The next month it was sent to Antalya-based (Turkey) charter airline Sky Airlines (which ceased operations in 2013 after 12 years of operations), given the designation “Milky Way” and re-registered TC-SKE. It was withdrawn from service in October 2012 to undergo modifications to a cargo aircraft. In May 2013 the aircraft got moved to Californian aircraft lessor ILFC (International Lease Finance Corporation, formerly the world’s biggest aircraft lessor until its acquistion by AerCap in 2014). After ILFC’s acquisition by AerCap it was given to Air Ghana (a Ghana-based cargo services provider which has 9G-AGL as its only aircraft), and is now operating for DHL under Air Ghana’s name. The aircraft is 28.5 years old and was produced at Boeing’s Renton factory in Washington State. 18th of October 2020.

Afficher l’image source
A US Airways Boeing 737-400.

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