Aircraft of the week:

Aircraft 9A-BTD, a Fokker 100, has had a long history, albeit spending a large part of it in Croatia. It was first delivered to American Airlines (the flag carrier of the USA) in August 1992 and registered under the name N1424M after leaving Fokker’s production site at Amsterdam Schipol Airport. All 283 Fokker 100s are powered by 2 medium-bypass Rolls-Royce Tay 183 turbofan engines, which is also used by the Fokker 70 (a shorter version of the 100 of which 48 were produced) and some Gulfstream business jets. It was withdrawn from use in July 2004 and stored at Mohave Airport in California State (Mohave Airport is also a spaceport that is used for the launching of spacecrafts and an aircraft dump [it is an advantegeous location for an aircraft dump due to its situation in the Californian desert]). Then it was sent to SunAdria Airlines (a former livery for Trade Air) in March 2005. Trade Air is a Croatian airline that specializes in the transportation of dangerous goods and charter and cargo operations in Croatia and Bosnia. In the past, it had a wider network, which was created by signing contracts with Croatia Airlines (the flag carrier of Croatia), Swiss travel agency PowdAir and Israeli airline Israir. It also operated flights for journalists using a Fokker 100 in the run-up to the 2007 Australian federal elections. SunAdria Airlines was just a brand name and all aircraft operating in its livery were actually operating for Trade Air. In May 2012 it was leased to Ghanian airline Citylink (which ceased operations in 2013) and leased back to SunAdria Airlines in August of the same year. The brand name eventually got retired and 9A-BTD officially became part of Trade Air’s fleet in November 2014. Now, at 28.3 years of age, it is stored at Ahwaz International Airport in Iran, awaiting to begin operations with Iranian commercial airline Karun Airlines, which operates a fleet of 5 Fokker 50s and 4 Fokker 100s. Its sister aircraft, 9A-BTE, has had a similar history, starting out with American Airlines and being operated by SunAdria Airlines and Trade Air. However, it was leased to Libyan airline Petro Air for a certain amount of months in 2009 and 2010 and was later leased to Croatia Airlines in April 2016 before being returned to Trade Air in October of the same year. 25th of October 2020.

Afficher l’image source
Aircraft 9A-BTD…
Afficher l’image source
and its sister aircraft 9A-BTE.

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