Aircraft of the week:

Aircraft OE-LTK for People’s Viennaline (an Austrian charter airline based at the Swiss airport of St-Gallen Altenrhein), this Embraer 170LR (long range) has been in service with 5 airlines, all of which are situated in Europe. Embraer 170s are powered by 2 high-bypass General Electric CF-34s and have a maximum seating of 66 passengers in a 2-class seating, 72 in a single-class seating and 78 in a high-density seating.

OE-LTK started its history with Finnair in September 2005 under the registration number OH-LEE. It was Finnair’s 1st Embraer 170 and 1 of 10 of the type to have operated with the airline. All of these have either been scrapped or are with other airlines now. In 2012, it was 1 of 4 Embraer 170s (these 3 Embraer 170s were all OE-LTK’s sister aircraft, OH-LEF, OH-LEG, OH-LEH) to leave Finnair for Estonian Air, the flag carrier of Estonia (which went bankrupt in 2015 and was replaced by Nordica). It was re-registered ES-AEA. During its time with Estonian Air, it was supposed to be leased by the airline to Georgian flag carrier Airzena Georgian Airways (now simply Georgian Airways), but this never occurred. Before Estonian Air’s bankruptcy in November 2015, OE-LTK was stored at Cologne Bonn Airport (Germany) before being sent to Ireland-based SMBC Aviation Capital, 1 of the world’s largest aircraft lessors, and re-registered EI-FNB. 1 of OE-LTK’s sister aircraft, OH-LEF (note that thes names of OE-LTK’s sister aircraft were the registration numbers of these aircraft at Finnair, and have changed throughout these aircrafts’ history), was scrapped and OH-LEG and OH-LEH were transferred to Aeroméxico Connect. 3 months later, it was moved to AerFin, a British aircraft lessor and repair company that we wrote about in our 4th “Aircraft of the week” and changed its registration number to 2-INFB. In December 2016, it was transferred to Austrian charter airline People’s Viennaline, where it uses its current registration number, OE-LTK. There, it met OE-LMK (OE-LTO at Finnair), with whom it also flew at Finnair. Now OE-LTK is stored at Marana Pinal Airpark in Arizona State, USA. Pinal Airpork is a commercial aircraft scrapyard, which is probably the fate that awaits OE-LTK. As for OE-LEG and OE-LEH, they are currently stored at Middle Georgian Regional Airport in Georgia State, USA, where Embraer has a repair and maintenance facility. 191 Embraer 170s have been delivered and the aircraft model is now out of production. 13th of December 2020.

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