Merry Christmas to aviation industry workers and Aeronews24 readers

As this year comes to a close, I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all aviation industry workers and Aeronews24 readers. The aviation industry has suffered its biggest all-time blow in history, with thousands of workers losing their jobs. Restrictions haven’t made this time pleasant for anybody. But I’m going to write something pleasant, for planes are objects that I have passion for and for aviation industry workers I hold great respect: “You, dear individual, who brought the glamour of this world into the blue and white skies, who made many a person happy in the Golden Age, who took pride of being elegant and of loving your job are the person who permitted billions of people, over decades and decades to excel and enjoy their lives, are the soul of Deadalus, caring and wonderful and the wings of Otto Lilienthal, the innovator and charismatic being that turned a dead tree into a majestic winged being from its hollow roots to the elevated ozone layer. Your efforts are remembered, especially amongst the Aeronews24 community. Be Right – Sit Tight … Jesse Livermore.”

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