Italy to have new flag carrier in April

As of April this year, Italy will have a new flag carrier under the name of ITA (Italia Transporto Aereo). The airline will possess 52 aircraft (43 narrowbodies and 9 widebodies) instead of Alitalia’s 104 and will reduce operations from 114 destinations in total to 60 (domestic and international). This comes after 3 years of Alitalia having entered administration. ITA now needs approval from the Italian government and the European Commission, although the Italian government signed a decree (a power used by the judiciary or executive council of a country to force a motion into law, usually used in rare cases) in December last year, allowing the establishment of ITA. 10 billion euros have been spent dealing with Alitalia’s financial problems and another 3 billion will be used in the development of ITA. How does Italy survive these days?! 1st of January 2021.


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