New Atlanta-based cargo airline CMA CGM Air Cargo

Launched a little over 3 weeks ago, Atlanta and Liege (a city in French-speaking eastern Belgium) based cargo airline CMA CGM Air Cargo possesses 4 Airbus A330-200Fs (freighters), 2 of which are currently in service, that are operated for them by Air Belgium, a Belgian long-haul airline. It is part of the large French shipping group CMA CGM, which employs 110’000 employees and has 566 vessels, as well as $31.5 billion in assets. On March 28, CMA CGM Air Cargo began a round-trip service from Liege to New York JFK, then Atlanta, before going back to Liege, which adds itself to the airline’s Liege-Chicago service. Its first aircraft, OO-CMA, operates the Liege-Chicago route and its second aircraft, OO-AIR, operates the Liege-New York-Atlanta route. The airline has many partners that offer cargo flights all around the world, especially from New York, Atlanta and Chicago to destinations in Central America and Paraguay. Its partners also fly from Liege to China, Iran and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Air Belgium, which is based at an airport to the south of Brussels (the country’s capital), Brussels South Charleroi Airport, has been in existence since 2016, and flies to Guadeloupe, Martinique, as well as Mauritius in the Indian Ocean from Brussels’ main airport, Brussels Zaventem. On top of the 4 aircraft leased from CMA CGM Air Cargo, it operates 3 Airbus A340-300s that were formerly part of Finnair’s fleet. These aircraft are not cargo-configured, and are flying passenger flights for Air Belgium, which just resumed to Guadeloupe and Martinique yesterday. The airline has also postponed its re-launching of flights from Brussels Zaventem to Mauritius to the 15th of October. On a more positive note, it will launch flights to Curaçao (an autonomous island state within the Kingdom of the Netherlands) via Mauritius on the 3rd of July. 3rd of April 2021.

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