Airline start-ups 2021:

Here is a list of the current airline start-ups in 2021, which will be regularly updated to add on new start-ups for this year :

Green Airlines:

Another German start-up based in Karlsruhe, this airline is a virtual airline (that has outsourced many of its operations to other companies) and will start operations from Weeze Airport (North Rhine Westphalia) in February 2022 at the earliest. For more information, please go to: .


A new German start-up based in Hünxe, North-Rhine Westphalia, that flies to several East Frisian Islands as of the 26th of March using a Cessna 208 Caravan and a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. For more information, please go to: New German start-up MeerExpress – Aeronews24 (

CMA CGM Air Cargo:

A Liege and Atlanta-based cargo airline that is owned by large French shipping company CMA CGM. It operates 4 Airbus A330-200Fs. For more information, please go to: New Atlanta-based cargo airline CMA CGM Air Cargo – Aeronews24 (

ITA Transportes Aéreos:

A Brazilian start-up set up by transport company Viaçao Itaperimim that will operate domestic flights in Brazil using Airbus A320s. For more information, please go to: New Brazilian start-up ITA Transportes Aéreos – Aeronews24 (

SouthEast Airlines:

A Slovenian start-up that plans to fly international charter flights created by former Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways pilot Blaz Berdnik . For more information, please go to: New Slovenian start-up SouthEast Airlines – Aeronews24 (

Fly Air 41:

A Croatian start-up set up by the CEO of German leisure airline Sundair that intends to begin operations in late April or early May. For more information, please go to: New Croatian start-up Fly Air 41 – Aeronews24 (

Aerotranscargo Netherlands:

Aerotranscargo Netherlands is a Dutch cargo airline created by Moldovan cargo airline Aerotranscargo. It intends to begin operations this summer with 2 Boeing 747-400FS. For more information, please go to: New Dutch cargo airline: Aerotranscargo Netherlands – Aeronews24 (

Qanot Sharq Airlines:

Qanot Sharq Airlines is an Uzbekistani start-up based in the country’s capital, Tashkent. It has leased 2 Airbus A320-200s from Los Angeles-based lessor Air Lease Corporation (ALC) to be delivered in March, which is when the airline will begin operations. The airline will be the one of the first private airlines to have ever operated in Uzbekistan. It will begin with operating international flights to the cities of Istanbul, Ankara (Turkey), Jeddah, Medina (Saudi Arabia), St Petersburg, Moscow (Russia), Dubai (UAE) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). It might begin domestic flights to the cities of Samarkand and Fergana. There was previously an airline that operated under the name Qanot Sharq from 2003 to 2011, that mainly offered international cargo services using former Soviet Illyushin Il-76s. Late last year, another Uzbekistani start-up, Humo Air, established as a domestic carrier by Uzbekistan’s flag carrier, Uzbekistani Airways, began operations using Soviet-era Antonov An-2s, which have been produced since 1947.

Canarian Airways:

This new Canarian start-up based in Tenerife is to begin operations in the second half of June with a 9 year old Airbus A319, in an all-economy confiquration. It plans to fly to 4 destinations in Spain (Bilbao, Vigo, Barcelona and Madrid) from its base in Tenerife along with 3 others in Europe (Berlin, Cardiff and Glasgow) as part of a project that will lower flight costs and offer better service in the recently decimated tourist industry. Note that this comes after Canarian regional airline Canaryfly suspended operations from early January to late March. If restrictions continue to be as rife as they are now, I see little way for this airline to operate in a profitable way. The Canarian Airways’ board is related to that of Spanish tour operator, ACMI provider and wet leaser One Airways,

China Northwest Cargo International:

China Northwest Cargo International Airlines started operations on January 8th from Xian International Airport in the Eastern Chinese province of Shaanxi. The airline is currently flying between Xian and Shanghai (the largest city in China) with a Boeing 737-300F (Freighter). It plans to expand its fleet with Boeing 757-200s and is envisioning a network of around 30 destinations. It has the authorisation to operate domestic flights and is waiting for its International Air Operator’s certificate. The Shaanxi Provincial Government holds a 50% stake in the airline, Hangzhou-based (in Southeastern Zhejiang province) YTO Cargo Airlines a 20% stake and the remianing partners, mainly airport development companies, 30%.

Isla Air Express:

This Balearic-based airline should start operations this year with a fleet of DHC-6 (DeHavilland Canada) Twin Otter piston-engined aircraft. It would use these aircraft as seaplanes (the Otter is maid so that it can land on any surface, which is why it is so popular in snowy Canada) to fly from the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza to mainland coastal towns of Alcudia and Valencia. This sounds very romantic, but plans for the airline began in 2019, and little much has happened since, probably due to administrative coordination before its launch.

Air Alderney:

2020’s articles on Air Alderney were all the buzz on Aeronews24, as the story surrounding this airline from the Channel Island of Alderney is mysterious. The airline should start operations this year, but one musn’t be too optimistic as efforts to obtain an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) begun in 2017. Apparently the airline would operate passenger flights to the Southern English town of Lee-On-Solent as well as the island of Jersey, and Norman town Cherbourg on the Cotentin Peninsula and freight services to the island of Guernsey as well as Jersey. Air Alderney probably doesn’t wish to operate passenger flights between Alderney and Guernsey, as that route is already operated by Guernsey-based airline Aurigny.

Northern Airlines:

This Swedish start-up is based in the capital city of Stockholm and posseses a new vision about enlightened enjoyment on aircraft and shortened flight times. The company was established in 2019 and says that it plans to begin flights at the end of this year’s 1st quarter.


This Norwegian greendreams airline plans to begin operations at the end of this year’s 1st quarter from Oslo, Norway’s capital. Its creator, Erik G Braathen, was a former board member of international low-cost airline Norwegian, which closed its long-haul divisions in early January this year to concentrate on short-haul flights. He is also the CEO of Swedish regional airline Braathens. The airline will have to compete with Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air, which has recently moved into the Norwegian market, and has many subsidiaries, in Europe and in Asia.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi:

This subsidiary of Hungarian low-cost monopoly Wizz Air began operations on January the 15th 2021 with a flight from Abu Dhabi to Athens and operates 4 aircraft, all Airbus A321neos. It will fly to Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Cyprus, Ukraine and Armenia. Its 2nd flight to Thessaloniki will occur on February the 4th, so if you live in Abu Dhabi and want to go to Greece, book tickets now!

ETF Airways:

This planned Croatian charter airline would use a fleet of Boeing 737-800s if it were to begin flights from the Adriatic Coast. It also plans to offer wet-leasing services. Even during the summer last year, Croatia was a highly popular tourist hub and the airline believes that it could have found a niche market.

Burundi Airlines:

Burundi Airlines is a flag carrier in-the-making for Eastern African republic Burundi. The country’s former flag carrier, Air Burundi, ceased operations in 2009 and this new flag carrier plans to give the nation a brand new hope, in which the the government of Burundi will have a 92% stake and an insurer of former Belgian flag carrier Sabena will have an 8% stake. The airline will operate a fleet of Chinese Xian MA60 turboprops.


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