14 Latin American start-ups at end 2020 turns to 0 at end 2021: 2021 start-ups analysis

Yet again, mainstream aviation media has hyped the coming of new airlines from faraway places, with interviews of airlines that haven’t even obtained a license yet. As a matter of fact, mainstream aviation media interviews airlines that start up over a year later. The so-called 14 Latin American start-ups of 2021, turned to 0, as […]


Last Airbus A380 assembled at Toulouse factory

The last Airbus A380 has been assembled at Airbus’ aircraft assembly unit in Toulouse, France (Toulouse is an assembly unit for the A380, the A320 , A330 and A350 families). It was announced last year that Airbus would discontinue the production of the aircraft as of 2021, but this date has been moved forward. Since […]