Aircraft of the week and the history of TNT Airways:

This British Aerospace 146-300 (BAe 146-300), registered as 5X-AAZ for its future operator, Ugandan air cargo company Zone Four, is powered by 4 Lycoming ALF-502 turbofans and can seat between 97 and 112 passengers. It has had an interesting history, having not being taken up twice and being one of the few BAe 146s to […]


Virgin Australia cancels 23 Boeing 737 MAX orders

Virgin Australia has canceled 23 Boeing 737 MAX orders. Its original order was of 48 aircraft, but that has now been lowered to 25. This is due to the economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic and the end of its takeover by Boston-based Bain Capital last month. All its canceled orders are for the […]

Aircraft of the week:

A Boeing 737-400 or 737-400F (the Boeing 737 Classic generation is powered by 2 CFM56s), aircraft 9G-AGL for Air Ghana has been on 4 different continents with a total of 5 different airlines. Delivered to Solomon Airlines (the flag carrier of the Solomon Islands) in April 1992 with registration number H4-SOL (SOL probably signifying Solomon […]

Royal Australian Air Force receives its 30th F-35A

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has received its 30th Lockheed Martin II F-35 A (Conventional Takeoff and Landing version) after the termination of Exercise Lightning Storm (a series of tests performed by the RAAF to test the capabilities of the F-35 A and its capacities to function with other aircraft, such as the KC-30 […]

Qantas to store its Boeing 787s

Qantas has announced that it will be moving its Boeing 787s to storage in Victorville, California, where they will join the airline’s Airbus A380s and hundreds of aircraft from other carriers. The move will take place in September. Qantas predicts a significant decrease in travel demand that will last for an extended period, which is […]

Virgin Atlantic files for bankruptcy

Virgin Atlantic filed for bankruptcy yesterday under Chapter 15 in New York. It told a London court that it would run out of money to continue operating in September. The airline is experiencing extreme financial difficulties due to the coronavirus, which is also what caused Virgin Australia to file for bankruptcy. Just because the airline […]

Bain Capital takes Virgin Australia

Bain Capital has won the bid to buy Virgin Australia. Earlier today, Cyrus Capital Partners withdrew from the bidding process, declaring that Virgin Australia’s administrators “lacked engagement”. I thought that Cyrus Capital Partners would have won, as they have more experience in the aviation industry than Bain. But, there are several big reasons why Bain […]

Qantas to give up its stake in Jetstar Pacific

Qantas (the flag carrier of Australia) has announced that it is going to give up its 30% stake in Jetstar Pacific (a Vietnamese low-cost airline based at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City), making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines. This will lead to a slight change in the airline’s […]

Virgin Australia bidders narrowed down to two

Out of the 4 original bidders for Virgin Australia (BGH Capital, Indigo Partners, Cyrus Capital Partners and Bain Capital), these are the 2 companies that made the cut: Cyrus Capital Partners and Bain Capital! Boston-based Bain Capital has $105 billion in assets and New York investment company Cyrus Capital Partners $4 billion. One of the […]

Boeing reveals Australian-made military aircraft

Boeing has revealed the 1st of 3 prototypes of its Australian-made Loyal Wingman program, the 1st military aircraft to be designed, manufactured and engineered in Australia for over 50 years. The Prime Minister (an important political function, the Prime Minister is usually the political leader of a country) of Australia, Scott Morrison, has announced : […]

State help for Virgin Atlantic shelved

A buyer is sought for after state help has been shelved for Virgin Atlantic, a British airline mainly based at Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester. Virgin Atlantic has a fleet size of 42 planes and flies to 30 different destinations (a lot of its destinations are in Latin America, the Caribbean and the USA). The airline […]

Norwegian Air is in difficulty

Norwegian Air Shuttle, a low-cost airline based in Norway, is facing numerous financial problems. Two days ago, it was forced to shut down four of its subsidiaries due to the coronavirus. The reason why Norwegian is one of the most affected airlines in the world is because it overexpanded. The airline operates a total of […]

Virgin Australia is soon going to cease operations

Virgin Australia has gone into voluntary administration, so it will soon be ceasing operations, unless the Australian government bails it out. Virgin Australia started operations in 2000 under the name of Virgin Blue. The airline became more popular in 2001 when Ansett Australia ceased operations. Virgin Blue didn’t have many market alliances, but after the […]

Virgin Australia has gone into administration

Virgin Australia, an Australian airline who has hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane has gone into administration after months of struggles. Several airlines, including Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines, have a potential interest in the airline. This is bad news for the airline, but it is not the only airline in financial difficulties. City Jet […]