Canaryfly suspends operations until 21st of March and quick analysis on current events in aviation

Spanish regional airline Canaryfly, which is based at Gran Canaria Airport (Gran Canaria is the largest island in the Canaries) in the Canaries, has announced that it will suspend all operations until the 21st of March due to low demand. The airline has a network of 6 routes, all within the Canary Islands and possesses […]


New Ilyushin Il-114 turboprop completes 1st flight

Yesterday, the Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprop completed its 1st flight at Zukhovsky Airfield near Moscow, Russia. The aircraft carries up to 68 passengers and is powered by 2 Klimov TV7-117SM engines. It has been created to link passengers in remote parts of Russia with polar or tundra-like climates and poor infrastructure to cities and towns. Yury […]

Virgin Australia cancels 23 Boeing 737 MAX orders

Virgin Australia has canceled 23 Boeing 737 MAX orders. Its original order was of 48 aircraft, but that has now been lowered to 25. This is due to the economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic and the end of its takeover by Boston-based Bain Capital last month. All its canceled orders are for the […]

60 737 MAX orders were cancelled in June

A total of 60 737 MAX orders were cancelled in June. Romanian low-cost carrier Blue Air cancelled 6, whereas jet plane lessors BOC Aviation, Avolon and ACG cancelled 30, 17 and 5 respectively. The other 2 orders that were cancelled belonged to unidentified customers. For the 1st half of this year (January to June), Boeing […]

Wizz Air takes legal action against Ryanair over Buzz

Wizz Air has taken legal action against Ryanair over the name of its Polish subsidiary, Buzz, declaring the name “Buzz” is similar to “Wizz”. As an interim injunction, a Hungarian court has decided to Buzz’s operation in Hungary, where Wizz is based, but Ryanair has announced that it would appeal against this. The suspension of […]

Norwegian cancels 737 MAX and 787-9 orders

Norwegian Air Shuttle has canceled its orders for 92 Boeing 737 MAX and 5 787-9s. These aircraft have been having recurring engine failures, and is why the airline is in discussions with Boeing for a compensation. The weak reputation of the 737 MAX and the repeated failure of the 787-9s Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines led […]

737 MAX recertification flights have begun today

The flights that are being conducted to see if the 737 MAX can be recertified have begun today. Normally, the process should take 3 days. Boeing has already completed over 1000 test and production flights to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy. The recertification flights will take place over Washington State in the USA and […]

Boeing 737 (part 4)

There are 4 models in the 737 MAX generation: the MAX 7, 8, 9 and 10. The MAX 7 is originally based on the 737-700, the MAX 8 on the -800, the MAX 9 on the -900 and the MAX 10 is a larger version of the MAX 9. The 737 MAX generation is fitted […]

Boeing 737 (part 1)

Today I am going to write about the Boeing 737 Original generation, the 1st of 4 Boeing 737 generations, going from the Original to the Max. The Original generation encompasses 3 models: the 737-100, the 727-200 and the 737-200 Advanced. The Boeing 737 started to be produced in 1966, around the same time as the […]

Norwegian Air is in difficulty

Norwegian Air Shuttle, a low-cost airline based in Norway, is facing numerous financial problems. Two days ago, it was forced to shut down four of its subsidiaries due to the coronavirus. The reason why Norwegian is one of the most affected airlines in the world is because it overexpanded. The airline operates a total of […]

Boeing 737 MAX production stopped

Boeing has stopped producing its latest plane, the 737 MAX, due to several reasons. The most important one, is because of two major crashes involving the 737 MAX, which costed 346 people their lives (see one of my previous articles for more information about the Ethiopian Airlines crash), leading to the grounding of the plane […]

News Jan-16 Dec 2019

TAROM is in trouble TAROM, the Romanian flag carrier ,will end up, by the end of 2019 with a 40 million Euro deficit (the amount of money a company has lost). The Romanian transport ministry will ask for 47 million Euros from Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union and a restructuring aid of 110 […]