The 1st all-electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan has flown

On Thursday, the 1st electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan made its maiden flight. It is powered by one 750 hp (horsepower) Magni500 all-electric propulsion system. The engine was created and designed by Magnix and AeroTec and, according to them, the plane is the largest aircraft to have an all-electric propulsion system. The 2 companies intend […]


Are planes finished ?

Because of pollution and the intriguing subject of climate change, planes are in the bad books of many governments from all around the world. It is indeed a very worrying thought to imagine a world without planes. If there is a need for a more environment friendly transport system, you can be sure that poor […]

Will plane technology continue to develop?

Throughout the past couple of years, planes have more or less stayed the same, apart from a couple of exceptions. A lot of specialists in the domain of aviation now believe that commercial planes have reached their limit (technologically). They are fast, have a high MTOW (Maximum takeoff weight) and have a good rate of […]