Royal Australian Air Force receives its 30th F-35A

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has received its 30th Lockheed Martin II F-35 A (Conventional Takeoff and Landing version) after the termination of Exercise Lightning Storm (a series of tests performed by the RAAF to test the capabilities of the F-35 A and its capacities to function with other aircraft, such as the KC-30 […]

TrueNoord lessor buys 2 Embraers from Azul

TrueNoord (a regional aircraft lessor headquartered in Amsterdam), has bought 2 Embraer E195s which were on lease from Azul Brazilian Airlines (a Brazilian airline) to Portugalia (a Portugese regional carrier that is a subsidiary of TAP Portugal). The acquisition of the aircraft was financed by some very impressive companies, including Soc Gen and the Royal […]

ATR to cut production by 50%

ATR, a French-Italian airplane manufacturer, has announced that it is going to cut its regional airliner production by 50%. On top of this, ATR has also decided to get rid of 204 employees. This does not come as a surprise, because it only delivered 67 planes last year. Airbus and Boeing have also suffered from […]

LATAM Argentina has ceased operations

On the 17th of June, LATAM Argentina, a subsidiary of LATAM, ceased operations due to the dangerous impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. This still comes as a shock, as LATAM is the biggest airline in South America. Just one month ago, Avianca Peru was also liquidated, making LATAM Argentina the 3rd airline […]

X-59 supersonic jet tests to begin next year

NASA and Lockheed Martin are to begin tests for the new X-59 supersonic jet in autumn of next year. The team developing the aircraft has announced that it cannot be sure that it will meet its “low-boom” goals until the aircraft actually breaks the sound barrier. All experimental aircraft projects tried out and created by […]

The 1st all-electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan has flown

On Thursday, the 1st electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan made its maiden flight. It is powered by one 750 hp (horsepower) Magni500 all-electric propulsion system. The engine was created and designed by Magnix and AeroTec and, according to them, the plane is the largest aircraft to have an all-electric propulsion system. The 2 companies intend […]

Are planes finished ?

Because of pollution and the intriguing subject of climate change, planes are in the bad books of many governments from all around the world. It is indeed a very worrying thought to imagine a world without planes. If there is a need for a more environment friendly transport system, you can be sure that poor […]

Will plane technology continue to develop?

Throughout the past couple of years, planes have more or less stayed the same, apart from a couple of exceptions. A lot of specialists in the domain of aviation now believe that commercial planes have reached their limit (technologically). They are fast, have a high MTOW (Maximum takeoff weight) and have a good rate of […]