Easyjet stock report

Easyjet has now closed under the 0.564p level (at the SMA 50 level, 50 day moving average), which it tried to surpass for the 2nd time and failed to do. This is the 3rd time in just over a month that it has failed to go above this point, a signal that it has become […]

Last week’s market and bankruptcies review and future profitable industries

Despite last year’s generally appalling financial results for most airlines, it did seem that some were going to continue to operate, and that the financial aid distributed by various governments might spare some smaller airlines. But now, whatever the revenue of the airline and whichever market it is serving (apart from Asian airlines), the slow […]


Jet fuel chart of the past 5 years

I am not a commodities trader, even though I have a bit of basic knowledge about how the market works, but this 5 year chart that I found on indexmundi.com worries me. It looks like jet fuel was fine until the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but now it has literally lost half of its […]