What was the US Presidents 1st personal aircraft?

Please reply to this quiz by commenting. Here are the possibilities: A) The Beriev Be-103 B) The Lockheed Super Constellation C) The C-47 Dakota D) The Spartan Executive E) The Grumman F8F Bearcat Don’t cheat by looking online or in a book. Think about what the answer could be… Take into account military aircraft, transport […]


The Supermarine Spiteful: the Spitfire’s replacement

By 1944, the RAF was looking for a piston-engined aircraft that would replace its aging Spitfire, that had been the main British fighter aircraft since the beginning of the Battle of Britain in 1940. Although later versions of the Spitfire became more powerful, with updated engines and better aerodynamics, there was a need for a […]

Royal Australian Air Force receives its 30th F-35A

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has received its 30th Lockheed Martin II F-35 A (Conventional Takeoff and Landing version) after the termination of Exercise Lightning Storm (a series of tests performed by the RAAF to test the capabilities of the F-35 A and its capacities to function with other aircraft, such as the KC-30 […]

The French Government takes delivery of 1st ISR King Air 350

France’s military procurement agency, the DGA (Direction Général de l’armement) has taken delivery of its 1st ISR (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) King Air 350. The aircraft was specifically modified to perform these duties. It was modified at Bordeaux Mérignac Airport in France by Sabena Technics. The aircraft will be flown to support the French military […]

First landing of F-35s on the HMS Queen Elizabeth

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin F-35 IIs from the Dambusters squadron landed on the decks of HMS Elizabeth. This marks the 1st time that the Dambusters, also called 617 Squadron, has fully joined HMS Elizabeth, as the UK is preparing to deploy the next generation squadron of fighter aircraft. There are 3 versions of the Lockheed Martin […]

Boeing reveals Australian-made military aircraft

Boeing has revealed the 1st of 3 prototypes of its Australian-made Loyal Wingman program, the 1st military aircraft to be designed, manufactured and engineered in Australia for over 50 years. The Prime Minister (an important political function, the Prime Minister is usually the political leader of a country) of Australia, Scott Morrison, has announced : […]