Boeing Australia tests engines on the 1st Loyal Wingman aircraft

Boeing Australia has tested the engine of its Loyal Wingman project (the 1st Australian military aircraft made in 50 years), in preparation for ground testing and its 1st flight. The unmanned military aircraft is to take off later on this year. Dr Shane Arnott, the director of the Loyal Wingman project, has announced: “This engine […]


Boeing looses $2.4 billion in Q2

Boeing has reported a $2.4 billion loss in Q2. The plane manufacturer has decided to slow down the production rate of its 787 and 777/777X programs to 6 787s per month and 2 777s/777Xs combined per month as of 2021. On the other hand, production rate of the 767 and 747 will not change. Boeing […]

The Big Threes’ ARJ21s have entered service

Seeing 3 Comac ARJ21s belonging to China’s 3 biggest airlines (China Eastern, China Southern and Air China) parked side by side is definitely an impressive sight. Not only does this mark an incredible moment in the history of Chinese aviation, but also a success for Comac, who came from nowhere and is now rapidly climbing […]

ATR to cut production by 50%

ATR, a French-Italian airplane manufacturer, has announced that it is going to cut its regional airliner production by 50%. On top of this, ATR has also decided to get rid of 204 employees. This does not come as a surprise, because it only delivered 67 planes last year. Airbus and Boeing have also suffered from […]

The 1st all-electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan has flown

On Thursday, the 1st electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan made its maiden flight. It is powered by one 750 hp (horsepower) Magni500 all-electric propulsion system. The engine was created and designed by Magnix and AeroTec and, according to them, the plane is the largest aircraft to have an all-electric propulsion system. The 2 companies intend […]

Problems for the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

Due to the coronavirus, the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has decided to halve its operating budget for the SpaceJet program to $561 million. The SpaceJet program is owned by the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and the Toyota Motor Corporation who are working with the Subaru Corporation (who is designing the aircraft). Its aim is for Japan to […]

Boeing reveals Australian-made military aircraft

Boeing has revealed the 1st of 3 prototypes of its Australian-made Loyal Wingman program, the 1st military aircraft to be designed, manufactured and engineered in Australia for over 50 years. The Prime Minister (an important political function, the Prime Minister is usually the political leader of a country) of Australia, Scott Morrison, has announced : […]