New Dutch cargo airline: Aerotranscargo Netherlands

Moldovan cargo airline Aerotranscargo (headquartered in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE, and operating 6 Boeing 747-400Fs) has announced that it is to create a Dutch subsidiary, Aerotranscargo Netherlands, which will begin operations this summer. The start-up plans to operate cargo flights to China, Hong Kong and the USA using 2 Boeing 747-400s leased from its […]

Aircraft of the week:

Aircraft 2-BHXG hasn’t had a very long history, but is a good example of the typical lifespan and operator history of an Airbus A340. Delivered to Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific in February 1998 after being assembled in Toulouse, France, under the registration number B-HXG (it is an Airbus A340-300), it was amongst Cathay Pacific’s […]

Alaska Airlines announces 8 new routes from LAX

Alaska Airlines has announced that it will be adding 8 new routes to its current 27 out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Earlier this year, the airline began to fly to Spokane (Washington State), Missoula (Montana), Boise (Idaho) and Redmond (Oregon). Of course, these routes were suspended due to the coronavirus. These are Alaska […]

Canada’s 2nd start-up of the year: OWG

The 2nd Canadian start-up of the year, OWG, will soon start operations. The Quebec-based start-up, a subsidiary of Nolinor Air, will offer flights to the Caribbean using Boeing 737-400s. Nolinor Airlines decided to create OWG to enter the tourist market (wrong time to do it), as it literally only flies in Canada’s Far North. Nolinor […]

Air France plans to cut 7500 jobs

Air France has announced that it is planning to cut a total of 7500 jobs over the next 3 years. Although mainly affecting employees working at Air France, these cuts will also be targeted at HOP (a subsidiary of Air France that flies short-haul routes throughout Europe) employees. But, the airline also proposes its staff […]

ATR to cut production by 50%

ATR, a French-Italian airplane manufacturer, has announced that it is going to cut its regional airliner production by 50%. On top of this, ATR has also decided to get rid of 204 employees. This does not come as a surprise, because it only delivered 67 planes last year. Airbus and Boeing have also suffered from […]

Norwegian cancels 737 MAX and 787-9 orders

Norwegian Air Shuttle has canceled its orders for 92 Boeing 737 MAX and 5 787-9s. These aircraft have been having recurring engine failures, and is why the airline is in discussions with Boeing for a compensation. The weak reputation of the 737 MAX and the repeated failure of the 787-9s Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines led […]

737 MAX recertification flights have begun today

The flights that are being conducted to see if the 737 MAX can be recertified have begun today. Normally, the process should take 3 days. Boeing has already completed over 1000 test and production flights to ensure that the aircraft is airworthy. The recertification flights will take place over Washington State in the USA and […]

Bain Capital takes Virgin Australia

Bain Capital has won the bid to buy Virgin Australia. Earlier today, Cyrus Capital Partners withdrew from the bidding process, declaring that Virgin Australia’s administrators “lacked engagement”. I thought that Cyrus Capital Partners would have won, as they have more experience in the aviation industry than Bain. But, there are several big reasons why Bain […]

The 17th of December 1903

It is 10:35 am and the North Carolina winds are blowing at 43 km/h (27 mph). Orville Wright is ready. He gets on his aircraft. Could it be his death… or a new dawn for aviation? It takes off, and continues its journey for 37m (120 ft) in a 12 second period. Although only flying […]

Is Air Transat going to merge with Air Canada?

Air Transat (a Canadian company based in Montreal that is the 3rd biggest airline in the entire country) is Air Canada’s biggest competitor in the long haul market. On Monday, the European Commission announced that it would review, for the second time, the proposed merger of the 2 airlines. It believes that the merger would […]

Why was 2017 a BIG year for start-ups ?

If you look back a bit, you will notice that 2017 was a big year for start-ups. Start-ups in 2017 weren’t just doing the same thing and weren’t all located on the same continent. African start-ups like Fastjet Mozambique, Indian commuter airlines like Air Deccan, IAG subsidiary LEVEL and Chilean success story JetSmart: you name […]

Rolls-Royce to get rid of 9000 jobs?!

The coronavirus has been more deadly on the economy than anything in hundreds of years. But this? Rolls-Royce (a British plane engine and car manufacturer) has proposed to get rid of 9000 jobs. Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce has announced: “This is not a crisis of our making. But it is the crisis that we […]