Odyssey Airlines: is there an end to UK start-ups ?

Like Air Alderney and Clear Harbour Airways, Odyssey Airways, a British airline based at London City Airport, has been taking a long time to commence operations. It seems that there are many start-ups in the UK that have had difficulty taking off. Why is that the case? 1: it can take between 6 and 12 […]


The Cessna 408 Sky Courier has completed its 1st flight

The Cessna 408 Sky Courier, a utility aircraft produced by Textron Aviation, completed its 1st flight yesterday morning. Textron Aviation is an aerospace manufacturing company created in March 2014 following the acquisition of Beechcraft and Hawker Aircraft. Cessna was also merged into Textron Aviation in the same month. The 408 Sky Courier is mainly made […]

How do rich people travel?

Many people ask themselves how rich people get around. Do they travel on commercial jets with other people? Do they travel by train because it’s more ecological? Well, the truth is, is that they fly on private jets. It may seem like a dumb subject to write about, but it isn’t. It is VERY important […]

The aviation industry has slightly recovered

This week, we have seen the aviation industry slightly recover from its recent suffering. The coronavirus period has been hard for many airlines, but as restrictions and measures get lifted, flights will slowly recommence and more and more passengers will start to travel again. Although the current situation is beginning to ameliorate itself in certain […]

Jet fuel chart of the past 5 years

I am not a commodities trader, even though I have a bit of basic knowledge about how the market works, but this 5 year chart that I found on indexmundi.com worries me. It looks like jet fuel was fine until the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but now it has literally lost half of its […]