Last week’s market and bankruptcies review and future profitable industries

Despite last year’s generally appalling financial results for most airlines, it did seem that some were going to continue to operate, and that the financial aid distributed by various governments might spare some smaller airlines. But now, whatever the revenue of the airline and whichever market it is serving (apart from Asian airlines), the slow […]


Jet2 terminates Stansted-Pula route

British LCC Jet2 has announced that it will not be recommencing the Stansted to Pula (a city in Western Croatia) route at the beginning of next year’s summer season. The route was launched in 2017. On the other hand, Jet2 will resume flights from the Croatian city to Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester next May. […]

Ryanair could close its Cork and Shannon bases

Ryanair has announced that it will close its Cork and Shannon bases on the 26th of October if the Irish government fails to adopt the EU Travel List allowing flights to and from Green and Amber areas (areas that are not or partially affected by the coronavirus) to take place without restrictions. The LCC has […]

Ryanair to open new base at Paris Beauvais

Ryanair has announced that it will establish a new base at Paris Beauvais Airport from the 3rd of December 2020. It will base 2 aircraft (an investment of $200 million) at the airport and will begin 2 new routes from the airport to Paphos in Greece on the 26th of October this year as well […]

Ryanair sells $1 billion bond

On Tuesday of last week, Ryanair sold a $1 billion bond (€850 million), its 1st in 3 years, after the price of bonds soared, showing some recovery from the negative financial effects of this pandemic. The bond received orders of $5.22 billion (€4.4 billion) from investors, more than 5 times the amount that Ryanair was […]

New German start-up: Lübeck Air

A new German start-up, Lübeck Air, will be starting operations next week. As its name indicates, the airline will be based at Lübeck Airport. Lübeck Air is actually a brand name for Danish charter airline Air Alsie, who will be operating from Lübeck Airport under the name of Lübeck Air. Lübeck Air will be beginning […]

Lauda to cease operations and be renamed

Ryanair Group’s Vienna-based subsidiary Lauda will cease operations at the end of this year, making way for a new Maltese AOC that will be be called Lauda Europe. The airline’s headquarters will therefore move from Vienna to Malta. The coronavirus has been an influential factor in Ryanair’s decision, but there is also an interesting song […]

Montenegro Airlines has lost over €15 million in revenue

Montenegro Airlines has lost a total of over €15 million in revenue, while it is yet to estimate full losses generated by the coronavirus. The airline has said that since the pandemic is still going on, it is impossible to asses the complete losses that have come from the coronavirus. Montenegro Airlines resumed flights on […]

Wizz Air takes legal action against Ryanair over Buzz

Wizz Air has taken legal action against Ryanair over the name of its Polish subsidiary, Buzz, declaring the name “Buzz” is similar to “Wizz”. As an interim injunction, a Hungarian court has decided to Buzz’s operation in Hungary, where Wizz is based, but Ryanair has announced that it would appeal against this. The suspension of […]