What was the US Presidents 1st personal aircraft?

Please reply to this quiz by commenting. Here are the possibilities: A) The Beriev Be-103 B) The Lockheed Super Constellation C) The C-47 Dakota D) The Spartan Executive E) The Grumman F8F Bearcat Don’t cheat by looking online or in a book. Think about what the answer could be… Take into account military aircraft, transport […]

ISS cameras make video of comet Neowise above earth

Cameras from the International Space Station (ISS) have made a video of a comet called Neowise above the earth in 4K (a high pixel resolution in film and IT). The comet was discovered on the 27th of March this year by NEOWISE, a NASA space telescope launched in December 2009. Neowise is extremely bright (brightness […]

LIAT to be liquidated

Gaston Browne, the President of Antigua and Barbuda, announced on Saturday that Caribbean airline LIAT is going to be liquidated. An unprofitable 2019 and the coronavirus are the reasons behind this decision. He also said during an interview on local radio that LIAT might be formed into a new airline in Antigua, as it is […]

First landing of F-35s on the HMS Queen Elizabeth

Yesterday, Lockheed Martin F-35 IIs from the Dambusters squadron landed on the decks of HMS Elizabeth. This marks the 1st time that the Dambusters, also called 617 Squadron, has fully joined HMS Elizabeth, as the UK is preparing to deploy the next generation squadron of fighter aircraft. There are 3 versions of the Lockheed Martin […]

The 17th of December 1903

It is 10:35 am and the North Carolina winds are blowing at 43 km/h (27 mph). Orville Wright is ready. He gets on his aircraft. Could it be his death… or a new dawn for aviation? It takes off, and continues its journey for 37m (120 ft) in a 12 second period. Although only flying […]

Why is music so bad on planes?

These days, music on long-haul flights is supposed to be really relaxing and cool a “spiritual” enlightenment. I do NOT know what everybody is talking about. The stuff that they play is a monosyllabic version of ultra-cheap techno and pop that nobody listens to. It is so annoying! There’s no more good jazz or classical […]

Update on Air Alderney:

Air Alderney is busy in discussions with the States of Alderney to get its route licences: SA19, SA20, SA21 and SA22. The airline has announced that once these (the discussions) will conclude in early December of this year, it will be able to start operations shortly after. It now has a desk and an offfice […]

Images of the Boeing 777x:

As everybody knows, the Boeing 777x is a beautiful plane. It has foldable wings, a stunning interior and is simply luxurious. I don’t know how much a flight on it would cost! Here are some images of the Boeing 777x: Thank you for looking at these images. If you wish to comment about them and […]

How do rich people travel?

Many people ask themselves how rich people get around. Do they travel on commercial jets with other people? Do they travel by train because it’s more ecological? Well, the truth is, is that they fly on private jets. It may seem like a dumb subject to write about, but it isn’t. It is VERY important […]

The aviation industry has slightly recovered

This week, we have seen the aviation industry slightly recover from its recent suffering. The coronavirus period has been hard for many airlines, but as restrictions and measures get lifted, flights will slowly recommence and more and more passengers will start to travel again. Although the current situation is beginning to ameliorate itself in certain […]

Clear Harbour Airways: a dream for the Channel Islands ?

Clear Harbour Airways is a planned carrier for the Channel Islands. The airline was planning to launch seaplane operations during the 1st half of 2018, originally deciding to connect Jersey with Guernsey, with a hopeful expansion to Alderney. The airline announced that it would delay the launch of its operations until the 2nd quarter of […]

What is going on with Air Alderney ?

Founded on the 31st of January 2017, Air Alderney is a planned carrier for Alderney, part of the Channel Islands (a group of islands in the Channel that belong to the United Kingdom). It was hoping to commence services in September 2017, but couldn’t. Although it received its AOC in late 2019, the airline still […]