Old videos and pictures with a bit of text.

The history of the Douglas Aircraft Company: from the DC-3 to the A-4 Skyhawk to merging with McDonnel in 1967, this company founded by Donald Wills Douglas was all the rage, whether it be in the commercial aviation industry or in the military and transport sector. 3rd of August 2020.

Here is a documentary about the Bell X-1, the first plane to break the sound barrier. First supersonic flight: 14th of October 1947. Written on the 15th of April 2020.

Let’s just have a look here at the amazing Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, a beautiful and powerful double-decker plane, the American dream of the 1950s. With cosy berths and comfortable seating areas, this hulk of the Golden Age in aviation not only represents a huge technical success in aviation, but it also shows the power of Pan Am back in the day. 10th of January 2020

The video that I have posted today is about the worst accident in the history of aviation. The Tenerife Airport disaster happened on the 27th of March 1977, when two Boeing 747’s, one called Clipper Victor belonging to PanAm, an American airline and the other called Rijn (Rhine, in English), belonging to KLM, the Dutch flag carrier, crashed into each other at Los Rodeos Airport on the island of Tenerife. This video will give you the precise reasons for the crash and why two massive jumbo jets like Clipper and Rijn ended up at Los Rodeos Airport, a small airport that was mainly used for general aviation. 11th November 2019

Sorry aerogeeks, the video about the Douglas DC-3 cannot be shown as I haven’t ripped it. This means that I have not yet stored the video on my computer. It is still somebody else’s video and not mine.Please still read the text underneath as it will give you a little bit of information about this war and world changing plane.

The Douglas DC-3. The plane that changed everything.Mainly a transport aircraft,its role in WWII and in transporting passengers across the USA was what made it such an important flying machine. Though its production ended in 1942 there are probably more than 2000 still flying,mainly in the military and for heritage flights. This video that I have presented you here, I hope, will make you remember the great pioneer days of aviation.