Air Italy has gone bankrupt

Air Italy, based in Olbia, Sardinia ( but mainly flying out of Milan Malpensa Airport ) has gone bankrupt. At the time of its bankruptcy it flew to 26 destinations and had 12 planes, including 3 Boeing 737 MAX 8. The airline started operations in March 2018 and was created after the merger of Meridiana ( an Italian airline based at Milan Malpensa Airport ) with the original Air Italy. Qatar Airways purchased a 49 % stake in the airline whereas Meridiana kept 51 % of its original stake. Air Italy is the third airline to cease operations this year after Ernest Airlines ( an Italian low cost airline based at Milan Malpensa Airport ) and Nantucket Express ( an American charter airline that got its AOC revoked because it was using unqualified pilots ). As we can see, the Italian aviation industry is extremely weak, which is a negative sign for the southern European country. For more information, go on and 13th of February 2020

A330 air italy.jpg

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